A Social Business: Kid O Fun – Kids Riding Bikes

Kid O Fun

A Social Business: Teaching kids how to ride bikes and fix them.
Kid O Fun promotes active transportation for kids by teaching them
bicycle safety, repair and the fun of physical activity outdoors. Kids
learn social skills and also how to protect the environment by recycling
and not polluting what’s around them.

What a fantastic idea!

Here is a video on the Kid O Fun:

A New Way to Promote Peace between Israelis and Palestinians

Professor Ada Aharoni is a Sociologist and a Peace Culture Researcher, writer, poet and lecturer. She writes in English, Hebrew and French, and has published twenty-seven books to date that have been translated into several languages. She believes that multiculturalism, intercultural communication, peace literature and the media, can substantially help in healing the urgent ailments of our global village, such as war, conflict and famine, and promote equal status and opportunities for women and men.

Ada Aharoni was born in Cairo, Egypt. She early on took an interest in peace.
In these short videos, Professor Aharoni illuminates a new and original way to promote peace and resolve the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.