Face-Them is one of the world’s premier online video marketing companies.
We’re passionate about using video as an integral part of the marketing mix.
Our mission is to promote companies and organizations that have a social agenda
and want to make a difference!

Utilizing video not only can reach specific target markets, but it also can be
used to showcase your products or services while reaching and engaging your
viewers with your powerful marketing message.

Video marketing also has the ability to “go viral” and expose your business or
organization around the web very quickly which will increase visitors to your
website exponentially. It is the most effective marketing strategy available today!

Josepha Edman, CEO
josepha.edman@gmail.com, +972-544494607

  Josepha Edman יוספה אדמן

Josepha grew up in Queens, New York and currently lives in Haifa, located on
Israel’s Mediterranean coastline. She has an MBA (specialization in Finance)
from Temple University and an MA in International Relations from Hebrew
University.  She is an online entrepreneur and internet marketing success coach.
She teaches people and businesses how to market and brand themselves online.
She has been teaching entrepreneurship and marketing for the last 15 years.
She regularly facilitates business workshops and has assisted many companies
and organizations reach their marketing and financial goals.

Josepha specializes in:

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Video PR
  7. Information Products

Visit her blogs:
English: http://MeetJosephaEdman.com
Hebrew: http://JosephaEdman.com